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Sunday 12 November


Sunday 19 November


Sunday 26 November

Season Rankings 2023


1. The enrollment of the Challengers will close at 16:00 of the day before the date of the single tournament.
The registration fee is still due unless canceled by 9.00 am on the day of the challenge. Members have the precedence at the registration of the single race, until 13.00 on the second day before the closing day of the registration. The presence of the winners (or a delegated representative) at the award ceremony is mandatory. In case of a race in progress, interrupted or suspended due to force majeure, the Comm. Sportiva reserves the right to consider the results obtained on the first nine holes valid if the race is over eighteen. This is only for the award ceremony of the day.
2. The challengers with single formula, played until 20 November, (excluding Bristol Buja Chall. races and races reserved for particular categories such as Juniors, Ladies, etc.) they are considered valid for the ranking of the “SCORE D`ORO – LIVIO COVI” and for the ranking “ECLETTICA DEL PRESIDENTE”. Specific regulation is in the secretery.
3. For all the appointments of the “HOTEL BRISTOL BUJA CHALLENGE” will be drawn up 3 rankings that provide for the award in the following order of importance: first 3 gross, first 3 net and first 3 aggregates. In the situation of same score, will win the the player with: a) the highest number of partecipations; b) more than one day’s results among the top seven; c) with more than one day’s results among the top three.
The net scores obtained for each individual race will be awarded.
In case of withdrawal of the finalist winner will be fished up to two successive players in the leaderboard.
Two more seats are reserved for the final draw between the participants not in the prize.
For information about departure times and/or race results, you can consult our Home Page:
Att. The “Sportiva” reserves the right to make any changes to the program and game formulas. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the secretary’s notice board.